The rock hard foundation to any Health and Wellness program is going to be Nutrition. 80% of how well your body ( temple ) looks, feels and performs comes from what you consume. Only 20% is going to come from physical training and activity on a regular basis. Well because it is virtually impossible to get all the Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients from our food sources anymore because we have depleted the soil and have bombarded it and our foods with pesticides, herbicides and all kinds of chemicals I can't pronounce much less spell we need to supplement ( provide our bodies with what it needs from another source ) . So we must choose a Vitamin supplement that will provide our bodies with the nutritional foundation it requires. It must work for us over the course of our busy days, help provide us with energy, help fight off illness, body inflammation and be easily, efficiently absorbable. I have taken different Vitamin supplements over the years but none compares to doTERRAS Lifelong Vitality. They are made from whole food extracts so the body recognizes it as food and absorbs all the way to the cellular level for maximum Health and Well Being. LLV provides your body with all the Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, Omega 3's from land, marine ( the purest form of fish oils ), includes 9 CPTG essential oils ( including Frankinscence ) and Alpha CRS plus ( cellular vitality complex ) which protects the cells from free-radical damage. There are so many benefits to taking these powerful supplements we would be here all day. So I will tell you after taking LLV for 6 months my arthritis literally was gone and has not returned, my and my wife’s energy levels are off the charts and along with a healthy nutritional and exercise program I am off the blood pressure meds. What a blessing. So in conclusion I would encourage all of you ( compare with what you are currently using as I did ) and take  these fabulous supplements for a 6 month ride, they'll change your life. You can go to my online store to purchase products ( you do not have to buy anything ) and check them out or simply contact me and I will be glad to get you started on a greater pathway to Wellness. GOD bless.  James 5:14

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