Unfortunately I know many people particularly ladies who suffer with acute as well as chronic Acne. We know simply that what the ultimate cause of acne is the pores become clogged which then traps bacteria inside the pore, causes infection, the hair follicle channel ruptures and the infection spreads as a result of an inflammatory response of the body forming larger areas of irritation. 

There are many different factors that can cause Acne; the type of skin you have; it can be hereditary; hormone levels (teenage years); changes related to menstrual cycle; pregnancy (my precious wife suffered with Acne after becoming pregnant); stress; medications such as birth control; cosmetics (most contain harmful chemicals that should never be put on your skin); hair care products; excessive moisture from perspiration or  a high humidity climate (good old SC) may compound the problem.  Digestive issues can be a direct reason why some people have Acne issues. You are and will look like what you consume. But that is not always the case.

Now what can we do to improve or possibly get rid of the problem?  You should be taking a high quality vitamin supplement (doTERRAS Life Long Vitality) along with a high quality Omega 3 which we know are great for our skin condition. I would also recommend our PBassist (probiotics) to clean up the intestinal tract. A clean diet is highly recommended (stay away from sugar and dairy).  The most effective CPTG Essential Oils to use would be Clearskin, Geranium , Melaleuca, On Guard and Purify. I would not put any of these oils directly on your skin without diluting with a carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil or extra virgin coconut oil) and I would start by using a small amount to slowly introduce to your skin. The best way to start would be to do a consultation along with a Bio Scan to try to determine which ones would work best for the individual. We are all different and have different chemical constituents.

Please forward to me any questions you may have about any of the info in this topic or any others on this site. Let me know if you would like a consultation concerning any particular issue you are dealing with. It will always be confidential. Also a reminder, I am not a doctor and always recommend you consult with your physician particularly if you are taking any scrips. My purpose is to letting people know there is an Organic Alternative available to those who refuse to be part of the ordinary culture. GOD bless and I look forward to helping many.   James 5:14

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