45 minutes total.
1-5 minute warm up @ 3.5 mph.
10-11 4.0 mph
11-12 4.5 mph
12-13 5.0 mph
13-14 5.5 mph
14-15 6.0 mph
15-16 5.5 mph
16-17 5.0 mph
17-18 4.5 mph
18-19 4.0 mph
19-20 3.5 mph (walk it off)
Repeat 3 more times for a 45 minute H.I.I.T. workout.
Cool down or go right to standing weight training.
Monitor your pulse rate by making sure you are feeling the work but not feeling extreme fatigue…go on a scale from 1 to 10…1 being that you are sitting on a couch and eating bon bons…10 is something that will take you anaerobic and can only sustain it for a couple os seconds...remember that intervals are to increase your work load to a very challenging effect then taper it back down to a recovery that lasts as long as your body needs that recovery…challenge yourself but do decrease the mph i have set on this workout of you are just starting with intervals…or increase the mph i have set if you feel the “need for speed”…
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