Most people exercise at a continous intensity during their aerobic workout, that while it offers great calorie buring benefits, High Intensity Interval Training (alternating between high-intensity efforts and low-intensity recovery efforts during a single (aerobic) workout session,) burns those same calories quicker, and for a longer period of time after your workout is complete.

If you are a Road Racer, getting ready for your next race, outdoor training is definitely a must, but, adding some treadmill intervals are preferred as the treadmill surface is slightly cushioned, which takes away some of the impact of running, making it easier on the joints and even the spinal disks.

Adding just a couple sessions of High Intensity Interval Training to your workouts each week is sure to boost your fitness level, accelerate your fat loss and help you beat the sluggish "I don't feel like working out today," blues.

You can start by just doing 3 + 1 = Sucess High Intensity Interval Training one interval at a time.  When your cardio endurance increases, add an additional interval until you can complete all three in their full..

1st Interval - 20 Minutes
2 Minutes @ 5.5mph (OR - Your Base Speed adding 0.5 Speed)
1 Minute @ 5.0mph (OR - Your Base Speed)
4 Minutes @ 5.5mph
2 Minutes @ 5.0mph
6 Minutes @ 5.5mph
3 Minutes @ 5.0mph

2 Minutes @ 5.5mph at a 5% Incline
2nd Interval - 20 Minutes
1 Minute @ 5.0mph (OR - Your Base Speed)
2 Minutes @ 6.0mph (OR - Your Base Speed adding 1.0 Speed)
2 Minutes @ 5.0mph
4 Minutes @ 6.0mph
3 Minutes @ 5.0mph
6 Minutes @ 6.0mph

2 Minutes @ 6.0mph at a 6% Incline
3rd Interval - 20 Minutes
1 Minute @ 5.0mph (OR - Your Base Speed)
2Minutes @ 7.0mph (OR - Your Base Speed adding 2.0 Speed)
2 Minutes @ 5.0mph
4 Minutes @ 7.0mph
3 Minutes @ 5.0mph
6 Minutes @ 7.0mph

2 Minutes @ 7.0mph @ a 7% Incline

Cool Down at 3.5 - 4.5mph for several minutes...Remember to eat a small meal of protein, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat within 30 minutes to 1 hour after this vigorous workout...


 ***Base Speed - A speed in which you can maintain jogging to without your pulse rate sky rocketing.  You are working hard, but able to hold somewhat of a conversation whole doing so***