On Guard--doTERRA’S protective blend of 5 essential oils when blended together
have been studied for its strong ability to kill harmful bacteria, mold and viruses. This blend can be used aromatically, topically as well as internally. When used aromatically will help make the air quality in your home healthier. Studies done by Nicole Stevens, a member of doTERRAS Scientific Research Board, showed that when one single drop of On Guard was diluted with 1000 drops of water and then sprayed on a surface , the surface remained bacteria-free for 6 days (you might want to think about getting rid of all those cleaners you have loaded with chemical compounds and introduce OnGuard in your household). Using OnGuard topically or internally on a daily basis is key to helping build your immune system so it is capable of fighting off disease. When you do feel like you are getting sick apply more frequently (about every 30 to 45 minutes). This will really help your body fight off the bacteria or virus that is invading it. Ronda and I have used OnGuard daily for the past 2 years and only once have I felt a cold coming on and using OnGuard along with Lemon oil in warm green tea kicked the cold in 3 days not using even an aspirin or any other man-made pharmas. Other uses for OnGuard: Sore throat, cold and flu symptoms, lung congestion, warts or sores,  fungus, coughs, laryngitis and sanitizing everything. doTERRA actually has a hand cleaning organic soap with the OnGuard blend in it again with no man-made chemicals. When you incorporate this wonderful protective blend into your household you will be amazed at the changes that will take place. Please contact me or comment below with any questions about OnGuard protective blend or any of doTERRAS Essential Oils and products. And remember: If you don’t do something about your health, WHO will? James 5:14

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